David C. Bentall is a passionate and acclaimed writer. His most recent book, Leaving a Legacy, offers a refreshingly candid look at what can go tragically wrong in a family enterprise. You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls and disappointments based on the Bentall family’s experience as well as the experiences of two dozen other business families.

Leaving a Legacy: is an excellent guidebook and a resource designed to help families in business learn how to integrate family and business effectively.

David’s first book, The Company You Keep: The Transforming Power of Male Friendship, explores the potential for great friendships and earned two awards from the Canadian Word Guild Awards.

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David Bentall: Leaving a Legacy in Family Business

By Ed Hird Last week I wrote aboutLegatus and the several other ministries working with business people around Metro Vancouver. So

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What is Governance for a Family Business?

Ever since the Enron scandal, the word “governance” has been bandied about in business circles. The cry for good governance

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