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Ready to take your career to the next level? Want to make changes in your personal life? Next Step Advisors will help you get there with our practical, real-world coaching and mentoring.

Through customized, one-on-one programs, we help you realize positive changes that will accelerate your progress so you can achieve your personal and career goals. With a seasoned executive and business advisor like David C. Bentall on your side, imagine the business success and personal bests that you can achieve.

David C. Bentall

Executive Coaching

Through a guided self-discovery process, David will help you clarify your goals, create a plan of action and provide ongoing support as you move forward.

Expert Advice

Drawing from over three decades of experience with one of Canada’s most prominent real estate and construction firms, Next Step Advisors can provide advice, guidance and support on virtually all business aspects.

David C. Bentall
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Next Step Advisors offers a unique blend of mentoring and consulting. Working alongside you, we can help you create realistic goals that align your personal priorities with your professional objectives.

What do people talk to mentors about?

– By Carson Pue (pictured right with friend David C. Bentall)

Recently I received a gift box from my friends Jennah and Joel, a couple that I have mentored. Heck, I even officiated at their wedding. When I opened it and saw this keychain it made me smile from ear to ear. They reminded me that this is what I do. I am a leadership mentor, and day after day, I am engaged in mentoring men and women about life and leadership.

This past week a friend was curious and asked, “Carson, what do people want to talk to a mentor about?”

With my head cocked slightly to the right and my inside voice going, “Hmmm?” I pondered before answering. Sharing what had come up this week, my friend found the variety of topics interesting and suggested that I write about this. So, this begins a series of posts on what people ask me as a mentor.

two men standing in front of a building